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Taking simple steps to provide your pet with general health care can ensure your pet will live a long and prosperous life. Remember, the life of a living, breathing animal is in your control and you should respect it as much as your own life.


By making regular appointments to check on the health of your pet, this will help in prevention of disease and illness. Make sure that your pet receives all of the necessary vaccinations. If your pet experiences any tell tale signs of disease or illness, including a change in activity, appetite, or general condition, please call us immediately. Additionally, please try to make sure your pet takes the proper medication to prevent tick or flea infestation in addition to problems caused by heart worms.

Puppies & Kittens replace their baby teeth with permanent teeth between four and seven months of age. Clean their teeth with specially formulated dog toothpaste daily or atleast twice a week. Use a pet toothbrush or child's soft toothbrush, a gauze pad or a finger brush over your finger. Some pets develop periodontal disease, a pocket of infection between the tooth and the gum. This painful condition can result in tooth loss and is a source of infection for the rest of the body. We can clean the teeth as a regular part of your pet's health program.
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Dogs and cats often require surgery to diagnose and/or treat certain conditions of the many organs of the body, such as the liver, kidneys, bladder, intestines, heart, and lungs. There are many cases where we will perform surgery to definitively treat your pet's problem.
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